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Bgene’s unique range of genetic tools, based on patented biotechnology, can enable highly effective and custom-made modifications of bacterial chromosome leaving no scarring or antibiotic resistance genes. Our customers benefit from BGene’s unique know-how and expertise at all stages of the development process, from genetic design in silico to the choice of right tools and onto the delivery of your finished product.

By working with Bgene you can ensure that you receive the highest quality product delivered within the shortest possible lead times, at highly competitive prices.

The BGene website is currently under construction. Please refer to this webpage until further notice.


Genetic engineering aims at rearranging DNA sequences in order to confer new properties to diverse living cells. It is an important component of fundamental biological research and also enables biotechnology industries to discover, better understand, or even create new biological molecules or processes.

BGene is exploiting unique know-how and a patented cloning technology to genetically modify Escherichia coli, quickly, efficiently, and without leaving scars or traces of the engineering process. Furthermore, BGene can modify or create all types of DNA vector in this bacterium (plasmids, cosmids, BACs etc.) that can then be integrated into other hosts.

We are also currently working on the development of new, highly promising, genetic tools that will allow chromosomal modifications of other bacterial species and are intended for use in biological research.

Products and Services

 b_de_bgene Chromosome Engineering on E. coli and on other Bacteria
      > Custom modifications of the chromosome without scars or antibiotic resistance genes: mutations, knock-outs, reporter constructs, tagged proteins, metabolic pathway engineering, etc.

b_de_bgene Synthetic Biology
      > Bricks assembling in order to built artificial metabolic systems and artificial biochemical pathways

b_de_bgene Vector Engineering
      > Custom modifications and cloning in any type of vector (plasmids, BAC, etc.): classical cloning by homologous recombination, mutagenesis, expression vectors, etc.

b_de_bgene Research & Development
      > Improvement and creation of new genetic tools for E. coli and other bacterial organisms

b_de_bgene Expertise & Consulting
      > Cloning strategies, feasibility appraisal, project coordination (ANR)

b_de_bgene Libraries & High-Through put screens
      > Genomic librairies of any microorganism
      > E. coli mutant librairies (ORFs, sRNA etc.)
      > Screens for regulatory interactions


Target Audience

BGene works closely with its clients in order to understand their needs before developing the bacterial strains, vectors, or other solutions that they require:


Added Value

The two terms that sum up the relevance of BGene are know-how and expertise.

We are experts in both genetic and bacterial engineering for both the development of new experiments and in more practical terms, their implementation within a laboratory setting.

Above all, BGene is a developer of highly efficient genetic tools that leave no scars and no antibiotic resistance genes into the engineered bacterial chromosome.

Key Benefits

Strong expertise and competencies of the BGene team and of Dr Caroline RANQUET:

      - Collaborations established with partners well known for their expertise in Genetic Engineering: Hans Geiselmann (LAPM, CEG research team, UJF/CNRS/INRIA) for molecular and system biology, and with Hidde de Jong (IBIS team, INRIA Grenoble – Rhône-Alpes) and Genostar (Montbonnot) for bioinformatic analysis

      - Large collection of strains and plasmids for all engineering purposes

      - Large choice of vectors and reporter genes


Marie-Gabrielle Jouan, BGene Manager
+33 (0)4 76 00 00 61
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“We are convinced of the usefulness of BGENE’s customized sequence modification service on bacterial genomes or vectors without scarring"  European biotech company