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A subsidiary of the Université Joseph Fourier (UJF), Floralis's core objective is to effectively transfer technology (in the fields of bioscience, health science, chemistry, physical science, engineering and computer science) emanating from the UJF's laboratories to the marketplace.

Floralis acts as an intermediary and bridges the gap between academia and industry to ensure that the maximum commercial and technical value of the UJF's technologies is exploited and puts in place commercial strategies that will ensure their long-term future. As part of the technology transfer process Floralis manages the UJF's IP portfolio.

Areas of expertise:

  • Research contracts: Floralis prospects for and negotiates research contracts with its industrial partners as well as taking care of the ongoing management of these agreements. Floralis currently manages 340 research contracts worth a total of 2.85M€.
  • Intellectual property: Floralis manages the UJF's IP portfolio, co-ownership of shared IP, preliminary studies concerning IP suitability, studies on prior art and patent validity and IP protection for software
  • Proof of concept: Floralis adds value to raw technology by developing prototypes that demonstrate a technology's commercial/technical validity. This adds commercial value to the proposition and opens up licensing opportunities.
  • Licensing: Floralis is responsible for putting in place and managing licence agreements for UJF's technologies.
  • Incubators: Floralis is responsible for the management of Biopolis, the UJF's biotech incubator.
  • Technology platforms: Floralis manages a wide variety of scientific platforms in the following scientific areas: biotech, imaging, physical engineering and the environment.

Key competencies

Floralis's commercial, technical, marketing and IP skills are used to effectively exploit the technologies of the UJF's 70 laboratories via a commercial team that has been selected for its unique multidisciplinary background in business and science. Floralis's non-core competencies include project management (national/European research projects) and event management (management of scientific conferences).


Floralis's commercial team consists of 9 Business Managers who work in two key areas Healthcare/Biotech/Environment and IT/Physical Sciences. Supporting teams include Marketing & Events (4), Licensing & Project Management (3), Administration/HR (4)

Services dedicated to innovative SMEs

Business Units: Floralis's business model for minimising risk and maximising the value of technologies that merit company creation. The model ensures that relevant technologies are fast-tracked to the market without assuming high levels of commercial risk (see http://www.floralis.fr/us/prestations_floralis_innovation/business_units.php)




“We are convinced of the usefulness of BGENE’s customized sequence modification service on bacterial genomes or vectors without scarring"  European biotech company